doom fisheries
Paintings & Illustration by Tom Stack.  Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


I have no news.


Long Distance Caw.

Skillet And The Goose.

Incident At Beer Lake.

Whale Watching.

The Arborist.



The Warren Buffet.

The Bark Scalers.


The Passerines.

German Warbler.

Eagle Scout.

The Drowning.

Seagulls In Bed.

The Gunfighters.


The Admiral.

Nesting Gulls.




Wren. With Cape.

The Rower.

Friends In Boise.

The Cigarette Lighter.

Puss In Boat.

The Valiant One.

Flight Of The Kakapo.

Osprey In A Cape And Trout In A Turban.

Barry And The Warbler.

Giant Grubs.

Mergansers.  For Life.

The Rabbit Eater.


Broken Snake.

The Lox Ness Monster At The Bay Of Gulls.

Officer Owl.


Red-Winged Blackbird.  With Shirt.

The Foxhunter.

The Bishop Horus.

Life Lessens.

Kerr vs. Stack: Battle In The Trees.

Stack vs. Kerr: Battle In The Sea.

This Grub Is A Lumberjack.
Bird Tugs Worm.

The Pigeon Priest.

The Hunger.

Sergeant Sandpiper.

PFC Pigeon.

First Shipmate Seagull.

The Grub And The Woodpecker.

Seagull Flight For Life.

Lazy Seagull.

Lazy Seagull.  Epic Version.

The Seagull And The Shark.

To Bird.  From Worm.  With Love.

The Owl And Bat Infirmary.

Shrike.  The Butcher Bird.

The Bat And The Robin.

And The Fox Goes Boom.

Count Cormorant.

Count Cormorant.  The Second.

Count Cormorant.  The Third.

Count Cormorant.  The Fourth.

The Snake And The Egg.

Birds On The Radio.

The Deer And The Falcon.

These Seagulls Are Insane Beasts.

60 Years At Large!

Hummingbird Filmstrip.

Stump's Recurring Dream.

The Acorn Slaughterhouse.

The Bird Is The Worms' Conductor.

The Observation.  A Rediscovery Of The Third Dimension.

The Scavenging.

The Cockatiel Persuasion.

The Bird Is The Worm's Captain.  With Detail.

An Impending Doom.

Courtroom Scene.  Pheasant At Close Range.

The Birdbath At Night.

The Bird Is The Worm's Chauffeur.

Birds At Sea.

Birds With Shirts.

Discovery Of The Third Dimension.  With Pigeon.

Kingfisher.  Lime Kiln Park.

Prairie Chicken.  Lifespan.

Woodpecker Filmstrip.

Furlong.  Peckers Of Wood.

Longings.  Egrets.

Ten Pound Island.

Your Eyes Become A Shorebird.

Shorebird.  You Can't Deny.

-Art Prints-

The Hunger. (print version)


The Shark Fighter.
Death Becomes Us.

The Fox And The Seagull.

-Stackmatic T-Shirt-

The stackmatic t-shirt. - Featuring my "An Impending Doom" image.

-Gig Posters, Handbills & Album Art-

Kippi's / Wereworm handbill.

STNNNG / Bottomless Pit / Wereworm handbill.

Bottomless Pit / Light Coma / Wereworm handbill.

Nonagon / Wereworm handbill.

The Blind Shake / The Mallard / Wereworm handbill.

M.O.T.O. / Wereworm handbill.

Rang / The Brown Wig / The Book-Burners handbill.

Wereworm / Red Stuff / Manimal Quartet handbill.

Wereworm / Golden Coins handbill.

Wereworm / Slander Cannon / Revenge Society handbill.

Wereworm / Busybodies handbill.

Canyons Of Static / Wereworm handbill.

The Blind Shake / Wereworm handbill.

STNNNG / Martha's Vineyard Ferries / The Gary / Wereworm poster. 

Merzbow / Venetian Blinds / Not Half poster.

STNNNG / Wereworm handbill.

Bottomless Pit / Black Helicopter / Wereworm poster.

Wereworm / Brief Candles poster.

The Blind Shake / Wereworm / Birthday Suits poster.

National Divide poster.

Dan Chaon / Justin Cronin poster.

Wereworm / The Pills / Fahri handbill.

Wereworm / Group Icky Rats handbill.

Brett Eugene Ralph handbill.

The Bitter Tears / Wereworm handbill.

Wereworm / Golden Coins handbill.

STNNNG / Flaum Adger / Wereworm poster.

Wereworm / Fatty Acids / Worrier poster.

The Blind Shake / STNNNG / Wereworm poster.

The Blind Shake / Wereworm / Golden Coins poster.

Shellac / Bear Claw / Three Second Kiss poster.

Bear Claw / Three Second Kiss poster.

Bottomless Pit / The Bismarck / Wereworm poster.

Okka Disk 15th Anniversary Celebration poster.

The Blind Shake / Wereworm / Analytik poster.

Bottomless Pit / The Bitter Tears poster.

Bottomless Pit / Kadane Brothers poster.

Constantines / Ladyhawk poster.

Ken Vandermark // Paal Nilssen-Love Duo poster.

The Poison Arrows / Qualms poster.

STNNNG / The Reverse / The Blind Shake / Honky Style handbill.

Bottomless Pit / The Chambermaids / The Bismarck poster.

"Molto Amore: A Salut! To Silkworm" poster.

Fflashlights / Die Electric! handbill.

STNNNG / Signal To Trust lunch show poster.

Ken Vandermark's Immediate Sound jazz series poster.

STNNNG / Red Eyed Legends handbill.

Dianogah / The Blind Shake handbill.

Shellac / Uzeda poster.

M.O.T.O. / The Chambermaids handbill.

M.O.T.O. - El Stop/She's Gone Nuts 7" - Front and back cover art. 

.22 flier.

The Bitter Tears / Wishek handbill.

Dianogah / Nonagon poster and handbill.

Bear Claw / The Blind Shake handbill.

Bottomless Pit / The Chambermaids handbill.

STNNNG / Falcon Crest handbill.

STNNNG t-shirt.

STNNNG / Signal To Trust handbill.

Shellac / Bear Claw poster.

Silkworm - It'll Be Cool - Line drawing featured within CD packaging.

.22 - The Patriots - "Birds With Shirts." painting as used for CD cover / packaging.

-Other Items Of Note-

Past exhibitions and events.

Wereworm - Band I was in from 2008-2015.

Anodyne Coffee cargo van - Line drawings for my friendly neighborhood coffee shop.

Sustenance - 2012 pottery collaboration with Beth Eaton.

Flatstock 26 - 4 color screen print.

Flatstock 24 - 4 color screen print.

Flatstock 21 - 5 color screen print.

T-shirt design for Fox Tax - Featuring my "The Foxhunter" image.

Bird And Worm Cook Out. - Line drawing for WMSE Cookbook.

Photos of your man Stack. - As taken by Troy Freund.

Stackmatic - The Interview. - Courtesy of  From September 2004.

Becoming Flight. - Line drawings as used within Becoming Flight - the Heavy Duty Press book
of Paul Zarzyski poems.


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